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Smartly dressed in necktie and tweeds, Arty Dodger performs a less-is-more new vaudeville act that has him tossing champagne bottles and knives, balancing umbrellas, and various other gentlemanly objects.  Combined with jaw dropping hat, cane, and cigar tricks as well as high energy dangerous juggling and balance, Arty brings excitement to all ages.

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Individual Acts

Stage Variety Act

Stage Variety Act

Arty Dodger brings excitement to all ages with his gravity defying juggling and balance tricks from the old vaudeville era. Smartly called “Gentleman Juggling,” Arty boasts a wide repertoire of high energy jugging and balance tricks with champagne bottles, hat, cane, cigar, knives, and much more. Shows range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Street Shows

Street Shows

Starting his performance career on the streets, Arty has been invited to perform his unique, hilarious and jaw-dropping act at local events & and festivals.

Strongman Act

Strongman Act

You might remember those muscle heads that came to your high school or the old vaudeville act with a muscle man in a striped leotard and handlebar mustache displaying feats of strength.  Well Arty is here to show you how even the slimmest gentleman can woo a lady.

Stilt Walking

Stilt Walking

See Arty at an astonishing 9 feet tall. Have a specific theme for your event? Arty is a master as putting together the perfect costume for your event. As a stilt walker for 5 years, Arty got his start at Margaritaville Resort and Casino.
*Costume by B3 Talent

Bring Sophistication and Excitement to Your Event!

About Me

The Southern Gentleman Juggler

Asmall town boy with Southern charm, Arty Dodger has spent years honing his craft of the art of juggling and balance.  With the influences of early vaudeville and variety performers, Arty boasts a wide repertoire, including stilt walking, fire eating and hat, cane, and cigar manipulation as well as high energy juggling with fire, knives, and any other inanimate juggling objects.  Arty Dodger is a dangerously sophisticated Southern gentleman juggler.  A native to the stage, his ability for variety lends itself to adaptability in performing including sideshows, Burlesque halls, variety shows, festivals, carnivals, corporate functions, and any other juggling buffooneries that beseech him. Arty Dodger is a dapper dabbler in danger, a virtuoso of vaudeville, the Beethoven of balance, and a juggernaut of juggling.



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